Pedro (Portugal)

"Language Volunteering has allowed me to take more root in Catalonia"


Hi, my name is Pedro. I am Portuguese, from the city of Porto. I live in Barcelona since October 2015. I started learning Catalan during my second year in Barcelona with the aim of going deeper inside into the social and cultural life in Catalonia. I really achieved this goal, and could therefore participate much more in the city’s life. It was also very nice, I could start speaking in Catalan with the friends I had from before, and speaking Catalan also allowed me to have new friends. So it was really helpful, and nowadays I feel that Catalan is probably the language which I like most. One of the things which has allowed myself to be rooted in Catalonia has been the Voluntariat Lingüístic programme, and specifically Albert’s kindness and dedication; he is one of the kindest people I have ever met in Catalonia. Thank you very much.