Katerine (Canada)

"I recommend this program to everyone regardless of the level of Catalan"


Hi, my name is Katerine. I am from Montreal, Quebec, and I study Hispanic Studies and Translation at the University of Montreal. I arrived in Barcelona one year ago, but it seems it was yesterday, it’s been so fast! I started learning Catalan last year, because we are lucky enough to have a programme of Catalan studies at the University of Montreal. And I also started to build ‘castells’ (human castles) with the Castellers group that exists in Montreal, and these were the reasons why I chose Barcelona for my exchange. I was also very lucky to discover the Voluntariat Lingüístic programme at UPF, which allowed me to get to know people from all over, and together we discovered many cities in Catalonia which I don’t think we could have discovered otherwise. Also Albert’s passion was inspiring and we had a great time. I do recommend this programme to everyone, no matter which your level of Catalan is, because it is just meant for that, to practise and to discover the Catalan culture. Well, my exchange is now almost over, I am really sad about this, but I am sure that I will be back next year. In fact my plan is to continue my studies here in Catalonia, and it will be a pleasure to keep in touch with Voluntariat Lingüístic. So yes, that’s it, thanks a lot, and see you soon.