Jiang Meijie (China)

"I study Catalan because it is the official language of Catalonia"


Hi, I'm Jiang Meijie. I’m from China and I live in Barcelona since last September. I’m currently a doctoral student in Law at Pompeu Fabra University. And why do I study Catalan? Because it is the official language of both Catalonia and Barcelona. The first reason is for me to understand websites and documents which are just written in Catalan. Secondly, it seems to me that a language is a very important part of a culture. Through learning Catalan, I’ve got to know the history, customs and gastronomy of Catalonia. Finally, I wanted to meet local people and speaking their language is a great advantage to do so. Thus, now I’m taking Catalan lessons at UPF and, since I speak Spanish, there are many similarities between both languages. It's not so difficult but you must study hard anyway. And, lastly, I want to thank Voluntariat Lingüístic, Albert and all the friends I’ve met here. To me, Voluntariat Lingüístic is the best thing of the University, because it offers us activities, visits and excursions which are very interesting, educational and fun. It’s such a diverse and rich experience that it’s not easy to be found anywhere else.