Alexander Magnusson

"The Mentor programme in three words: fun, exciting and educational"


I'm Alexander José Magnusson Amorós, a third-year Mechatronics Engineering student. I became a mentor to meet people from other parts of Europe. Being a mentor basically means being the first contact for Erasmus students from other universities. Once they arrive I get to meet them, spend time with them and learn a lot about their countries. I decided to be a mentor because I liked meeting new people, so I thought I'd give it a go and it was great. I got a lot out of it, but not academically because I didn't want to. You can always ask for a credit for doing a report, but I wanted the personal benefits: the friendships, the experience, practising the language, learning new languages and about new cultures and the odd fiesta you spend with these guys. I'm still in touch today with friends I met through the Mentor programme. I became firm friends with my first mentee, we've travelled together, I've visited Budapest, where he's from, and I'm dying to go back. And I'm still in touch with some Austrian girls who were here last semester. I'd recommend it to anyone. For the experiences, I'm all about experiences. You want to open up, meet people, speak English. It really helps. And if you can't go on an Erasmus exchange, it's a way to do one at home. If I had to describe the Mentor programme in three words, they'd be: fun, exciting and educational. I had huge expectations before I was assigned a student: I thought I'd meet lots of people from Europe, or at least I'd really get to know my mentee, and become friends forever. My experience was exactly that. We met and we really hit it off. I really think that's what the programme's all about: making new friends that can help you grow, personally and professionally, academically ... just grow! Become a mentor!