Want to learn Catalan?

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Do you have any questions about Catalan?

The various sections of the Intercat website give answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, write to us using the Intercat mailbox

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Would you like to take part in a language exchange?

The universities’ language services organise language and cultural exchange activities with students at the same university as you. Just get in touch in with them.

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Do you know how to obtain your official certificate?

There are various ways to obtain an official qualification in Catalan, which are explained in the exams and qualifications section.

They’ve done it. Don’t you miss out!

Do you want to meet other students while you learn Catalan? Catalonia’s universities offer language exchanges.

Image of Alex during the interview about the Mentor programme at the University of Vic

Alexander Magnusson

"The Mentor programme in three words: fun, exciting and educational"
Image of Pedro recording himself in a short video talking about his experience with Language Volunteering

Pedro (Portugal)

"Language Volunteering has allowed me to take more root in Catalonia"
Katherine, from Canada, talking about her Catalan studies during her 2018/19 Erasmus year

Katerine (Canada)

"I recommend this program to everyone regardless of the level of Catalan"
Jiang Meijie (China), smiling in front of the camera

Jiang Meijie (China)

"I study Catalan because it is the official language of Catalonia"